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Anonymous asked:
"how many followers do you have? :)"

I currently have over 6k followers. :D xo

Anonymous asked:
"Is not it possible, maybe she is back in school, as She originally planned for a long time now? All these theories circulating about Her life make me really upset. While She is in New York there is an issue of security why she would compromise Her safety just to satisfy some curious people about Her whereabouts?"

Anonymous asked:
"why so inactive :("

There is not much to post of Barbara at the moment and I’m busy, sorry.


Finally done with what probably is up to date the painting I’ve spent the most time on… I love the way it came out and I’m glad I decided to do Barbara Palvin.

There’s obvious use of reference but still it was a hard technical job.

I’m amazed at what is possible nowadays with an iPad and a Stylus.

Viva Adonit.

Viva Barbara Palvin.

And viva la Weed for the patience because otherwise this would have been impossible.

Done with Procreate for iPad.